Quarantine Plan

Realistically, we do anticipate quarantines happening in the coming months and have learned a few things based on our experiences so far.  Therefore, we are reaching out to share our learnings to be sure we are all as prepared as possible for the coming months.

For additional quarantine  information see this district resources at the below link:


We encourage all families to do the following to be ready:

  1. Have a quarantine plan such as this Our Family Quarantine Plan.pdf

  2. Have a COVID testing plan. Talk to your doctor or check the Boulder Public Health website so you always know where to go in the event of symptoms or non-symptomatic exposure for a fast COVID test. If you do take a symptomatic child to the doctor, you can let them know it will be helpful to the school to have that child COVID tested in order to prevent the possibility of unnecessary quarantine.

  3. Know that the day after a quarantine goes in effect will not be a LIVE online learning day. Asynchronous activities will be provided. This provides time for staff and families to go get COVID testing as needed. It also allows teachers to prep any materials to send home which will be available after noon the weekday after quarantine is in place. Office hours for materials pick-up are 8am-3:30pm Monday-Friday.

  4. For many of us communication about COVID-19 will bring up many different emotions. When we are attempting to process our emotions and intake information we may have difficulty retaining that information. Know that we will do our best to have as much information as possible in both email and seesaw so that you can continue to refer back to those communications when you have the time/space to process all the provided information.

  5. For the first 24 hours after a quarantine letter we will collect questions from caregivers. We will then send out a communication containing answers to all those questions so that all families can benefit from the collective answers. Our district also has FAQs you can refer to.

  6. Remember you can track any cases on the BVSD COVID Dashboard

  7. We will have extra counseling support available and you can always contact Annie Dornbush at 720-561-2464 or annie.dornbush@bvsd.org.