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Google Meet Norms from our Handbook to Review with Your Student

Please help your classroom teacher by making sure your student knows these Google Meet norms. You can also watch this video for a fun way to reinforce the norms!

Our motto for Google Meets is “Be Professional” as this is a phrase many students have heard around our building in years prior and adequately captures our expectations for how students show up with us online. Here are key tips to review with your student to be professional while in online meetings:

  1. Have your microphone muted at all times when it is not your turn to speak 
  2. Leave your video on if your setup will support it - Not required 
  3. Dressed appropriately for school
  4. Seated in front of the computer
  5. Be ready with supplies as requested by the teacher ahead of time 
  6. Eat prior to or after the Meet, not during 
  7. Have water available as needed nearby
  8. Use the bathroom ahead of time
  9. Participate by waiting for a turn, unmuting the mic when your turn comes, and/or using the raised hand signal to get attention and then waiting for the teacher to call on you 
  10.  Hang up at the end of the Meet
  11.  Classroom teachers will handle the chat differently but comments in the chat, if permitted, should always be related to the specific lesson happening online and meet the teacher expectations (for example: questions only in the chat)
  12.  Please encourage your student to be independent. We will get in touch with you directly if we need your support with a specific issue. Generally, this is your child’s time to show us their learning so that we can shape our instruction to meet their specific needs and learning goals.