Home Learning

Upcoming Dates on our Calendar:

  • September 15 FET Google Meet (4:00 - 5:30pm)
  • September 17** Parenting Night: Q&A with the Counselor
  • (5:30 - 7pm)** send questions ahead, Virtual
  • September 18 Assessment Day - CANCELLED - Regular School Day
  • September 21 Teacher Work Day* – No Students
  • September 22 - KG Back to School Night - 5-6pm

FRS resources for families 

Extra funds are available for any family who needs through the end of December.  If your family needs help making rent or any other basic needs, contact Alexis Batko 720-561-2422.

Important BVSD Resources

If you have any difficulty getting online, please call BVSD IT at 720.561.4357 and they can help to get you connected.

Nurturing Parenting Class being offered to Whittier Parents  NP Flyer Oct. 28 (1).pdf 

The Elementary Academic Hub is a one stop shop for Elementary Parents to find the information they need.  You will find a summary of content taught, district and state assessments given, the learning materials used, and parent resources at each level.

The Family Learning Hub page is designed to support families with information about SeeSaw and Schoology, links to childcare, food resources and support about seeking help. This webpage is a work in progress so check back frequently.

BVSD Food Services is Continuing Food Pick-Up Locations and Times 2020 08 21 food dist plan flyer.MR edits.pdf 

Answers to frequently asked questions are here:   FAQs.  This document is updated often.

K-2 Return to In-Person Learning Planned for September 29th

Here is the district website with Reintroduction Plan information:


We know families have millions of questions about K-2 students returning in-person.  We do not have all the answers yet but will share as much as we know as we know it. Here is a summary of current plans:

  • Full classes of K-2 students will be invited back with their teacher 4 days per week (no A or B groups or staggered days of the week). 

  • Each class will be kept separate from other classes of students during the school day (They will have their own bathrooms, their own separate recess and separate lunch areas within the cafeteria or other spaces). 

  • Students will be asked to wear masks but can remove them when eating or when outdoors. Students will also be asked to wash hands frequently. 

  • Students will not be required to stay any distance apart from peers within their class. They will be expected to remain at a 6 foot distance from anyone not in their class.

  • The number of staff that can be with groups of students will be limited. 

  • Parents must do a screening form prior to the student arriving at school. Forms are in Infinite Campus and are available hard copy.  Any student who arrives without a submitted screening will be screened and a call home will be made to arrange for screenings to happen prior to the student arriving at school in the future.

3rd-5th Grade Remain in Home Learning

Update Expected September 22nd at BVSD Board Meeting While the district did announce opportunities for Outdoor Learning for 3rd-5th students are permitted, we do not yet have specific guidelines for those and therefore no specific plans as of yet. We are also awaiting the September 22nd board meeting when the district will announce whether any changes will be made to the 3rd-5th grades.

Whittier Main Office is virtual for regular hours daily Monday-Friday 8am-3:30pm and can be reached at 720-561-5431. We will have staff available to assist you in person on Tuesdays 8-11:30am (by Sherry) or Thursdays 11:30am-3:30pm (by Sandra who speaks Spanish too) or by appointments (which can be made by calling 720-561-5431).

School Communications are moving to Parent Seesaw Accounts/App

We plan to move our office and classroom communications to Seesaw instead of email. Please contact Loran.Lattes@bvsd.org if you need support accessing your parent Seesaw account."

Counselor Q & A with Annie, our school counselor

When: 5:30-7pm Thursday September 17, 2020 https://meet.google.com/jfg-bzhx-dnq

Spanish meet.google.com/zws-afbz-fit

What:  Parenting in a Pandemic: When to worry? When to let it go? 

  • An opportunity to learn more about Whittier’s social, emotional learning program and the support available for your student and your family. 

  • A time to ask questions about your child, parenting, all things child development

  • A chance to laugh and learn together about this wild journey called parenthood

Who: Annie Dornbush, School Counselor, parent of two students at Whittier and licensed therapist with almost 20 years of practice working with students and families 

For more information on Annie and our school counseling program check out our website Whittier Counseling Website

Google Meet Norms from our Handbook to Review with Your Student

Please help your classroom teacher by making sure your student knows these Google Meet norms. You can also watch this video for a fun way to reinforce the norms!

Our motto for Google Meets is “Be Professional” as this is a phrase many students have heard around our building in years prior and adequately captures our expectations for how students show up with us online. Here are key tips to review with your student to be professional while in online meetings:

  1. Have your microphone muted at all times when it is not your turn to speak 
  2. Leave your video on if your setup will support it - Not required 
  3. Dressed appropriately for school
  4. Seated in front of the computer
  5. Be ready with supplies as requested by the teacher ahead of time 
  6. Eat prior to or after the Meet, not during 
  7. Have water available as needed nearby
  8. Use the bathroom ahead of time
  9. Participate by waiting for a turn, unmuting the mic when your turn comes, and/or using the raised hand signal to get attention and then waiting for the teacher to call on you 
  10.  Hang up at the end of the Meet
  11.  Classroom teachers will handle the chat differently but comments in the chat, if permitted, should always be related to the specific lesson happening online and meet the teacher expectations (for example: questions only in the chat)
  12.  Please encourage your student to be independent. We will get in touch with you directly if we need your support with a specific issue. Generally, this is your child’s time to show us their learning so that we can shape our instruction to meet their specific needs and learning goals.