First Grade

    ​Welcome to First Grade!

    We are so happy to have your family join us during this school year. We have a lot of exciting plans in store for you and your children. We look forward to having many of you work in our classrooms, go on field trips, help us with projects, donate your expertise, and most of all work together to make this a successful year for your children. Below are a list of general events you and your child can look forward to this year. Additionally, every other month we will send home a first grade newsletter and calendar that will explain the current unit of study, need to know items, and specific calendar events. We are here for your child and your family so please don't hesitate to call, email, or make an appointment to meet. 
    All the best,
    Peter Mitchell, Emma Chitters, and Lauren Rubini 
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    School Year Events

     ​Check the 1st Grade Newsletter and School Calendar for specific date/time.​
    Meet Your Teacher/Back to School Night:  An evening event the day before school starts where parents and students meet their teacher and connect with the first grade community.
    Fall Conferences: This conference happens in the first trimester. Teachers and parents discuss assessments, curriculum, and questions. This conference is for teachers and parents.
    Heritage Night: An evening event where Whittier families celebrate their heritages through food, drink, and displays about their home countries.
    Inquiry Fair: An evening event that happens in the winter and showcases first graders inquiry based study of their personal histories.
    Winter Dance:  An all-school dance held in the winter. There is a DJ who plays music during the event and dinner is offered.
    Student Led Conferences: At the end of the second trimester, first graders lead their parents, family members and teachers in conferences that allow students to reflect on their work and take leadership in assessing their progress and goal setting.
    Musical "Informance": The first graders will give a musical performance showcasing their progress in music and performing that is connected to the current IB unit. This "informance" will take place during the students regular music time during the school day.


    ​BVSD's Elementary Curriculum Essentials Document may be viewed at:​mreview/Pages/Elementary-Curriculum-Essential-Documents.aspx.  ​



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