Meet our Literacy Representatives

Brandie Emerick

Job Title: Teacher

Aurora Fine

Job Title: Speech Language Pathologist

Kelsey Moore

Job Title: Literacy Interventionist-ES

Whittier's Literacy Interventions

Leveled Literacy Intervention

LLI is a small group, supplementary reading intervention where students have the opportunity to work on literacy skills and receive specific, targeted instruction based on their individual needs. Groups are no more than three students, meet daily for thirty minutes, and include a take-home reading and literacy activity component.  LLI teachers attend ongoing professional development to ensure cutting edge reading instruction, differentiation and assessment.  We often see dramatic growth in student's literacy skills through this supplemental program.‚Äč

Orton Gillingham

Orton Gillingham is a small group, systematic, multisensory approach to teaching literacy. This approach teaches students the connections between sounds and letters. Skills are taught in a particular order and students master each skill before moving on to the next. This intervention is specifically targeted toward students that have difficulty with the phonics component of literacy. 

Our literacy interventionists come to Whittier with a great deal of experience and are highly trained in many approaches to teaching reading and writing. We look at students' individual needs to craft interventions that best support the unique needs of each student.  


‚ÄčAdditional information can be found on the BVSD Literacy website at