Principal's Message

On behalf of the teachers and staff at our school​, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our school’s website.​ Please look closely at our Vision and Mission as well as the International Baccalaureate Program links that truly describe the heart of our school - a community of civically-engaged people seeking to improve the world through intercultural understanding and respect.

This schoolwide commitment is also personally meaningful to me.  As a leader, it is my goal to be an advocate for equity at every turn. Some examples of my efforts include: 

  • Removing barriers for families around transportation, food and basic needs

  • Supporting staff to offer more culturally responsive curriculum including yearly professional development

  • Engaging in community partnerships and conversations to empower all families

I am also a mom to 2 elementary-aged boys and I fiercely believe that we will leave a better world for all of our children if we increase intercultural understanding and engagement as well as give every single child the chance to achieve their best life. 

I have had the privilege of being the principal at this amazing school since 2014. My education career has included roles across Boulder County since 2003 as an administrator as well as a kindergarten and first grade teacher. Prior to coming to the Boulder area, I grew up in the Midwest, lived on the East and West coasts and also traveled widely. I can tell you in all of my experiences, I believe Whittier is the most special place of all! 


Sarah Oswick




Whittier students’ are often asked to share themselves and their cultures to build our school community.  One way we do this is with “I Am From” poems such as this one about myself. I hope you enjoy learning a bit more about me!


Sarah Oswick

I am from...
Spaghetti and meatballs for birthday dinners and Chicken fajitas at the only restaurant in town Every flavor of spicy curry I can find!

I am from...
Swimming all day, every day all summer long
Being “the girl” who could climb the rope ladder to the tree house and swing on vines in the forest
Staying up way past bedtime to read, read, read
Extravagant holidays with presents and feasts and family galore

I am from...
Intense fights with my big brother and quick tempers in my house
Vacations at grandma’s house with cookies for bedtime snacks
Mom who was literally always there except for that one year when the persnickety elderly babysitter picked me up so mom could work on her PhD
Marrying my high school sweetheart
Being a mama to two of the sweetest little boys
The most engaged and international school community around

I am from...
Forcing my way into the tackle football game with my big brother’s friends cause I refused to be left out
And Sitting the bench in college lacrosse my freshman year
Being self-conscious about not being good at speaking other languages

I am from...
Life is not fair
You don’t have to decide what to do with your life, just what to do next
The Whittier Vision that “Civically engaged people improve the world through intercultural understanding and respect”

I am from...
A refusal to gossip
Independence and making my own choices
And working to be an anti-racist day in and day out.


Sarah Oswick

Sarah Oswick


If you notice anything in our district or school community that feels inequitable, please share directly with me via this Google Form (which can be anonymous unless you add contact information into the message).


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