heimsoth deanna

    FRS Therapist
    Specialists; Resource

    Born and raised in Papua New Guinea, I immigrated to the United States with my American parents when I was 8, an event which forever changed my life and has given me the insight and compassion to work with children who have immigrated, speak other languages, or have experienced dramatic events in their early childhood. I have been passionate about serving children for as long as I can remember, and after working and studying abroad, living in places like Mexico, Nigeria, Guatemala, and volunteering in places like China and Ecuador, I finally completed a Masters in International Social work at the University of Denver in 2006.  I have been working as a bilingual family therapist ever since. I have experience with super high risk youth and families, and have honed skills in family systems therapy, attachment focused relationship work and play therapy. 


    Every day, I enjoy working with children who are exploring themselves, their own value, feelings and experiences. I hope to bring my intuition, compassion and clinical skills into the therapy room to support these brilliant children as they discover who they are, and find the confidence to become the adults they want to be.