Health and Wellness Program Manager

    Kaley comes to Whittier with a Master's in Health Promotion, is a certified Group Fitness Instructor (ACE), certified Health & Wellness Coach (AFPA), and a certified Holistic Nutritionist (AFPA). In addition, she is a board certified Health Practitioner (Holistic Health Coach) through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. 

    Kaley firmly believes that the relationships we have with food, our bodies and health/wellness in general develop at a young age and can follow us throughout adulthood. That is why she is committed to empowering students to become the best versions of themselves through educating and supporting students in their understanding of what it means to be healthy. Kaley firmly believes that health is so much more than the absence of disease and that is why she approaches health and wellness from a holistic perspective, including diet, exercise, social, emotional and mental health, such as mindfulness and stress management.  She is excited to be in this brand new role (funded by the Sugar-sweetened beverage tax!) and eager to be part of integrating additional health and wellness components into the curriculum at Whittier. It brings Kaley great joy when a student runs up to her to share the vegetable they ate at dinner or a new physical activity they tried that pushed them out of their comfort zone. Kaley hopes to be a vehicle that lets all students know they matter, they are important, and they are valued.  Known for her genuine passion for holistic health and wellness, Kaley is an avid gym goer, outdoor lover, whole food advocate and adventure seeker. You can find Kaley most school days leading physical activities during lunch recess!

    Health & Wellness at Whittier may be viewed at:  https://sites.google.com/bvsd.org/whittierhealthandwellness/home