Information and Communications Technology Policy

    Statement of Philosophy

    We want to integrate technology meaningfully where it can enhance learning.  We do not want kids on screens all day.

    Proposed Agreements

    Devices will not be sent home (exceptions must go through a separate process with Loran/Sarah?/tech committee?) -


    1) No web filters at home and images could be downloaded

    2) Disadvantage to students without internet connections

    Teachers responsible for ensuring devices have identifying stickers on devices to tell them apart

    All students sign an agreement and do (at minimum) online google class (new students throughout year) - Should they have to complete this step before getting their device?

    3rd-5th (others?) Teachers - Create 1 assignment online per week (1st due at first tech class)

    Salary credit class (or monthly reports to class and find own alternate PD) in order to have chromebooks

    2nd graders have to pass Typing Pals to get chromebooks in 3rd? And/or any student gets assigned typing practice during class times grades 3-5 for those who did not pass in 2nd.

    Share parent letter with families by the time you distribute devices.