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Please note our school hours have changed!  Our school bell times will be  7:50am to 2:50pm and on Wednesdays will be 8:50am to 2:50pm.  If you need your child to come Wednesdays from 7:40-8:40am, we will have paraeducators available to supervise and an adult will need to park and sign a child into their care through the main office. Buses will run on schedules one hour later on Wednesdays so if you access our Wednesday morning care, you will have to drop off your student

As a reminder, BVSD's illness protocol is as follows:

If your student is experiencing any of the following symptoms they must stay home:

Major Symptoms

Minor Symptoms

  • Fever (100.4 or above)

  • Cough 

  • Chills or feeling feverish

  • Loss of taste or smell

  • Runny nose or Congestion

  • Sore Throat

  • Headache

  • Muscle / Body aches or pain

  • Diarrhea 

  • Vomiting / Nausea

  • Feeling extremely tired


  • If a student is experiencing any other COVID-like symptom (minor symptoms) that last longer than 48 hrs they must have a negative PCR COVID test to return to school or they will need to stay home for 10 days.

  • Testing is available through BVSD and COVID Check Colorado throughout the district - see the schedule here.

Additional information on symptoms and when it's ok to return after an illness can be found here:  CDPHE How Sick is Too Sick