Welcome to Whittier International's LLI (Leveled Literacy Intervention)!
    ​Reading Recovery
    I am excited to begin another year of Reading Recovery in First Grade!  Students selected for Reading Recovery receive one-on-one literacy instruction for 30 minutes daily.  Reading Recovery is a highly effective short-term intervention designed to accelerate progress in reading and writing and help each student reach grade level before exiting the program.  The intervention can last as many as 20 weeks.  Four students will receive Reading Recovery in the fall and four more in the spring.  Consistent attendance is a necessity for the success of the intervention.  Parents are always welcome to come and observe their child’s lessons! To learn more about Reading Recovery please visit:

    Leveled Literacy Intervention
    LLI is a small group, supplementary reading intervention where students have the opportunity to work on literacy skills and receive specific, targeted instruction based on their individual needs. Groups are no more than three students, meet daily for thirty minutes, and include a take-home reading and literacy activity component.  LLI teachers attend ongoing professional development to ensure cutting edge reading instruction, differentiation and assessment.  We often see dramatic growth in student's literacy skills through this supplemental program.​


    Additional information can be found on the BVSD Literacy website at



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